Liv[1] is one of the protagonists of Ghostforce and a student at Central High School. As a superhero and member of Ghostforce, she helps protect New York City with her friends, Andy and Sam, and her teacher, Professor Richenbach.

Appearance Edit

Liv has straight dark hair tied back into a high ponytail and with bangs. The ends of her bangs and ponytail are dyed a lighter color.

As a civilian, Liv wears a striped shirt underneath a jacket, a mini skirt, and a chain belt around her skirt that has a logo of a skeleton head with bat wings attached. Additionally, she wears leggings with holes at the knees and high-top tennis shoes.

When transformed, Liv dons a a black jumpsuit with a pink cape, full cover mask, gloves, and knee-high boots. On her chest is the Ghostforce emblem, a white ghost in a teardrop shape.

Personality Edit

Abilities Edit

As a superhero, Liv can fly and phase through objects. Her weapon appears to be a whip.

History Edit


Relationships Edit

Andy Edit

Andy is friends with Liv and one of her partners on Ghostforce.

Sam Edit

Sam is friends with Liv and one of her partners on Ghostforce.

Professor Richenbach Edit

Professor Richenbach is Liv's science teacher and mentor.

Trivia Edit

  • Liv was originally named Nathalie, as seen in an old synopsis.[2]


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