Different articles of clothing and collections of accessories were released for Ghostforce as part of the merchandise. This includes headwears for fans of the show. These products are available to purchase internationally around the world.

All the products are available through the Official Zag Store.

Headwear Edit

Name Description Image Price
Ghostforce Embroidered Cap Description:

Shipping Now!

Ghost Force is the creation from Jeremy Zag and ZAG Animation. Let everyone know that your are in the know and have joined the force with this great looking embroidered cap.

  • One size fits all.
  • Not available in stores.
  • Exclusive Official Zag Product.
Ghostforce Logo Embroidered Cap
$19.00 USD
Zag Heroez Cap
Zag Heroez Cap
$19.00 USD
Clothes & Accessories
List of clothing and accessories

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