Andy is one of the main characters of Ghostforce and a student at Central High School. As a superhero and member of Ghostforce, he helps protect New York City with his friends, Sam and Liv, and his teacher, Professor Richenbach.

Appearance Edit

Andy has shaggy brown hair, blue eyes, and pale skin.

As a civilian, he wears black-rimmed glasses and a blue and white checkered, long-sleeved button-up over a white T-shirt with an atom logo on it. He also wears light blue jeans and red and white tennis shoes.[1]

When transformed, he dons a black jumpsuit with a blue cape, full cover mask, gloves, and knee-high boots. On his chest is the Ghostforce emblem, a white ghost in a teardrop shape.

Abilites Edit

As a superhero, he can fly and phase through objects. His weapon appears to be a katana.

Relationships Edit

Liv Edit

Liv is friends with Andy and one of his partners on Ghostforce.

Sam Edit

Sam is friends with Andy and one of his partners on Ghostforce.

Professor Richenbach Edit

Professor Richenbach is Andy's science teacher and mentor.


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